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16 Apr 2016

All-too commonly grants descriptions carry the phrase, “salaries not eligible,” essentially favouring government, academic and other established researchers, over those without full-time positions. And it’s not as if it is easy to get such positions anymore. The days of institutions like the Smithsonian Natural History Museum hiring field biologists are long gone: it has been in a hiring freeze for an extended period. Even ‘tenure-track’ positions at universities are increasingly being handed ou...

13 Apr 2015


David and an intern from the RJ Dunlap Lab with a lemon shark. © Christine Shepard,


Why should you care – Science has discovered Twitter and is undergoing a public relations revolution, thanks in no small part to David Shiffman.


If you haven’t yet met David Shiffman, it is quite likely that you will soon. The reason for this is simple: he is fast becoming the marine biologist of choice for reporters to contact when they find themselves in need of such expertise. In the last yea...

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