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Cristina Jiménez Pinedo MSc, BSc  

Associate Researcher & Marine Mammal Biologist


I was Born in Colombia, and I was privileged to study marine biology along the beautiful Caribbean beaches. From an early age I was drawn to the sea and I always knew I wanted to know much more about the ocean. This was especially true for marine mammals as I admire the fact that they were able to return to the origin of it all, the water.


In 2004, while conducting my undergraduate degree , I studied the presence of Bryde’s whales in the Tayrona National Park. Later, in 2008, I travelled to Mexico to pursue my Masters. At that time, I was given the chance to work alongside Dr. Diane Gendron of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine Science, focussing on blue and fin whales of the Sea of Cortez. My specific study was related to the diet of both these species, identifying small foraging difference which allows both these large mammals to coexist in time and space without competing.


In 2012 I travelled to Argentine Patagonia (where I currently live) in search for new challenges and opportunities. Here I have worked predominantly with southern right whales and whale watching companies. However, at the moment, I am collaborating with Whalefish for the continuation of Dr Els Vermeulen’s photo-identification research on the bottlenose dolphins in this area. As previous results indicated the declining trend of bottlenose dolphins in Patagonia, the continuation of this study is believed to be essential for the preservation of the species in the country. 


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