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Education & Outreach

At Whalefish we aim to encourage the same level of interconnectivity between each one of us as we see in our deeply complex marine environment. Whether you are young, old, amateur, academic, scientific or creative; education is key to establishing effective conservation.


In order to engage young minds and to encourage conservation awareness at an early age, Whalefish offers inspiration for school projects on a one to one basis, through educational presentations and our Junior Ambassador programme. Whalefish Junior Ambassadors are young people who have shown an exceptional awareness of marine conservation issues and are devoted to an ecologically healthy future.


Equally, a platform is provided for students, educators and academics wishing to network and communicate their concepts to others in the field and the public at large. Negative impacts upon the marine environment have become so widespread that it will take an informed public, politics and industry to positively alter the way in which we are living. Your theories, your research, your science; Whalefish is here to amplify your voice and allow your vision to be heard.


As conservationists, we consider the actions we can take to address existing and potential threats in and around the world’s oceans. Due to the innately unified nature of our planet, at Whalefish, we believe that positive change will only happen if we work together and educate each other, throughout generations and throughout disciplines.

Ocean sentinels and highly intelligent. Learn facts about marine mammal biology, distribution, threats and find out where and how to study them. 

It is largely unknown what causes marine mammal strandings. But what can we do when it happens and why is stranding research so important?

Whales and dolphins are highly vocal animals with complex and individual sounds. What can we interpret from the study of marine mammal acoustics? 

An ecosystems approach to fisheries management. Why is nature conservation vital to ensuring sustainable fisheries for future generations?