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Whalefish is a not for profit organisation (NPO) and relies on generous contributions to achieve its goal to support emerging scientists with their outreach initiatives and marine conservation research. Please help us to do so.

Whalefish Research Projects and support initiatives

Bottlenose dolphins of Argentina

  • Aims to support our featured research project to aid in the conservation of the endangered bottlenose dolphin in Argentina.

The Whalefish Scholarship Program

  • Aims to support students to attend conferences and CPD courses.

The Whalefish Outreach & Collaboration Program

  • Aims to support initiatives in science communication, interdisciplinary collaboration and environmental education, aimed to improve the conservation of the marine environment.


Bottlenose Dolphins of Patagonia Research Project (2015-17)

Location: Bay of San Antonio in northern Patagonia, Argentina

Duration: 2 years to complete project aims with potential for 2 additional years to complete long term objectives

Project aims:

  • Build on the extensive sighting history (photo-id) database, created between 2006 and 2011 in North Patagonia.

  • Create a thorough assessment of movement and dispersal patterns of bottlenose dolphins in this area by the expansion of photo-id data collection to adjacent areas.

  • Generate estimates on abundance, survival rates and birth demographics using mark-recapture methods.

  • Create an awareness in the local community about the importance of sharing opportunistic photo-id data.

  • Establish a working relationship with colleagues in other regions to stimulate inter-site comparison of data and the generation of one large data set.

Long Term Objectives:

  • Generate a thorough assessment of the population structure of bottlenose dolphins in North Patagonia

  • Identify home-ranges, and long range movement and dispersal patterns of bottlenose dolphins to assess population connectivity

  • Generate an estimate of abundance of bottlenose dolphins in various regions through the analysis of both systematic and opportunistic photo-identification data

  • Assess population dynamics of bottlenose dolphins in North Patagonia

  • Investigate population viability under a range of different conservation scenarios using modelling methods

Funds required for:

  • Purchasing of essential field equipment

  • Cover basic field costs