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  • Whalefish Junior Ambassadors Programme


Whalefish Junior Ambassadors are young people who have shown an exceptional awareness of marine conservation issues and are devoted to an ecologically healthy future. The Junior Ambassadors Programme encourages budding conservationists to show their passion from an early age by engaging in a number of projects which aim to inspiring conservation consciousness.


  • Researcher, journalist, artist, poet…

We all find our imaginations captured by different aspects of life and enjoy expressing our passions in different ways. There are many ways in which marine conservationists work to improve our environment and many different skills we can utilise. You might like to become a researcher, a journalist, an artist, a poet, a lawyer, an accountant, a biologist, a chemist, an engineer…. all these people and more can work in marine conservation! In our competition for young people we concentrate on the first four!


  • Competitions

Each summer young people have the opportunity to become a Whalefish Junior Ambassador by showing their expertise as a researcher/journalist or an artist/poet. Our aim is to encourage children with scientific minds, creative minds and all kinds of minds to become engaged with topics of marine conservation. We plan for teachers and parents to offer these options before (northern hemisphere) summer break and to collect the entries after summer break. It is the responsibility of the adults to ensure the projects are sent to us in good time. Our favourite entries shall be awarded Whalefish Junior Ambassador Status and shall receive a prize pack and certificate. Information posted on the website and in social media.

Junior Ambassadors