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Niru Neil Dorrian BSc (Hons), CMarSci, CSci, FIMarEST

Co-Founder & Marine Mammal Biologist



Whalefish is an excellent platform to promote scientific research and the fantastic achievements of marine conservation projects around the globe. Keep in touch with us and contact me if you have any queries! And if you’re involved in marine conservation  - let us know what you’re up to! 


Aside from being a Marine Mammal Biologist with Whalefish I also work as a Marine Environmental Consultant as a Project Manager/Environmental Advisor for various environmental projects and surveys. That includes mitigation surveys, EIAs, marine construction, and renewable projects.


Like any professional, I can give a big list of my credentials and work history. Before I do, let’s talk about Star Trek! Because that is where my passion began, aged eight at home, watching a Trekkie film about saving Humpback whales from extinction. That fired my imagination and my career in marine mammal biology unfolded from there.


I received my marine biology degree at the University of Stirling in Scotland and then gained specialist knowledge in the UK and abroad. I became well informed in marine parasitology, aquatic animal health, and marine mammal husbandry. I am also accredited as a Chartered marine scientist and Fellow with the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and a Chartered Scientist with the Science Council


Later I worked on diverse oceanic projects focusing on marine mammal fieldwork and conservation. Rescue and rehab work in Florida and California - helping dolphins and the other marine species. I have become highly experienced in marine mammal survey work and marine mammal husbandry. This hands-on work has given me expertise in marine survey techniques and technology such as using photo ID and passive acoustic monitoring equipment.


Aside from working on all the above I also co-produced marine mammal documentaries for the UK and international TV festivals under the heading, ‘The Whales of Patagonia’. My documentary production company, Oceanus Explorers was responsible for this work. I co-founded the company in 2007 and it has been a great launchpad to promote marine mammal work and laid the groundwork for the development of Whalefish.

I am one of the UKs Advanced Marine Mammal Medics and a qualified scuba diver. 


So, back to Whalefish. The question is, why I’ve dedicated my whole career to marine mammal biology? Well I hope to improve marine conservation awareness through the creation of Whalefish. We want to promote the work of scientists to facilitate access to marine conservation projects and opportunities around the world and safeguard marine mammal populations around the world.


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