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  • Issues in your area

What are the marine conservation issues in your area? This question is more complex than we may initially presume. When we consider that all the eco-systems of our planet are interdependent, we realise that even actions taken in the centre of the country can have impacts in the marine environment. If you want to find out about marine conservation issues in your area, get in touch with local environmental organisations and councils to request information.

  • How to get involved

There are many ways in which you can become actively involved in the marine conservation effort. Each one of us has the responsibility to consider our actions in our daily lives and keeping those in check can be very challenging as we become accustomed to convenient products and luxuries. Get in touch with local organisations to find out how you can help their efforts. Becoming engaged with conservation groups is a great way to inform yourself, do something positive and meet like-minded people.

  • Engaging with government


Once you’ve found out about the issues in your area and spoken with relevant organisations to inform yourself and gather the facts, get in touch with your government representative. Many organisations create petitions to government highlighting current issues. Sending your own letter with your own words can have a lot of impact. Being polite and informative will get you further than having cross words. Working together is often the most successful route.


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