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  • Marine conservation projects

In this section we take a look at some of the current global marine conservation issues you may consider as a marine scientist and work our way through some hypothetical situations. If students find themselves feeling enthusiastic about these topics, marine science may be a consideration for university level education.


  • Study advice

So you want to get good grades? Perhaps your teacher expects you to get certain results. Are your parents hoping you pass all of your subjects? Do you want to go as well as your friends? Follow this link for top five study tips!


  • Learning more

When studying any subject at school you (the student) will be taught according to the curriculum which is designed to give you knowledge and understanding of key elements and topics. If you find yourself being motivated to discover more about certain subjects, such as marine conservation, there is a whole world of wonder waiting for you to discover it! Beyond what you are taught in school, you can do your own research into topics you feel passionate about – read books and magazines, watch documentaries, look up relevant conservation websites, get in touch with people working in the field and gain work experience as a volunteer! If you would like some advice on where to start, get in touch and our Education Officer shall point you in the right direction.


  • Field days

Field trips can be invaluable for students wishing to develop their skills and understanding of marine conservation issues and ways in which these issues are addressed. For advice on inspirational excursions, get in touch and our Education Officer will help you to plan your next step. For outdoor activity ideas follow the link below.

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