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Whalefish presents at HR Wallingford

19 Jan 2014

Whalefish were invited to peresent a talk at HR Wallingford a World-leader in analysis, advice and support in engineering and environmental hydraulics, and in the management of water and the water environment. Whalefish put together a presentation introducing the potential impacts of anthropogenic pollution on marine mammals and highlighted current techniques and policy in environmental monitoring. Thanks HRWallingford for your hospitality.



HR Wallingford carries out ecological research, modelling and assessment of potential impacts of natural and human induced change on the marine and freshwater environment. We interpret the consequences of change and provide management advice, informed by an ecosystems approach.


They are working on predicting the impact of underwater noise on marine life. Underwater noise is increasing as human activities in the marine environment expand. Environmental Impact Assessment increasingly requires predictive modelling of underwater noise and assessment of the potential impact on marine life. HR Wallingford has developed HAMMER, an innovative modelling and assessment tool to investigate noise levels and the impact on species behaviour.



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