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Supporting Fellow Organisations: The Omacha Foundation

5 Feb 2014

Whalefish are proud to support and promote the work of the Omacha Foundation in Colombia. 


The Omacha Foundation is a environmental Non Governmental Organization (NGO), created for the purpose of study, research and conserve wildlife and aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems in Colombia 


The work of Omacha seeks to create strategies for conservation for the improved use of land and water resources within in Colombia. These strategies are designed so that encourage active participation of local communities and government agencies in the area.


Over the past 20 years, the Foundation has contributed to the conservation and management of protected areas, wetlands and endangered species, through local research and training to indigenous communities, settlers, farmers, rangers, extractive industries (fishing). Omacha has also participated in and supported the strengthening of environmental authorities and Research Institutes.


Similarly, it has contributed to the expansion of knowledge and conflict resolution in ecosystems and threatened species through continued work with educational institutions, top level, NGOs and other national and international.


Additionally, it has promoted education to the general public on environmental issues at the regional, national, and international levels. All this has been possible thanks to the consolidation of the Foundation in their work areas in the Amazon, Orinoco and the Colombian Caribbean. In addition to always maintain their concern that academic researchers further training in Masters and PhD programs.


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