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Continuing Professional Development 'CPD'

8 Feb 2014

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) can be defined as 'the process through which an individual maintains and extends the knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong professional competence' The importance of keeping up to date is particularly necessary in today's demanding society, which expects high standards and accountability from all.


CPD is a useful tool for achieving and demonstrating such ability and competence. Almost any activity that develops your valuable skills as a biological scientist qualifies towards your CPD. A small selection includes: partaking in internships/volunteer programs, training courses, the learning of a new practical technique, presenting at a conference, and self-study in any area of biological interest.


Professional Institutions may offer career development programmes, training courses and assessments. There may also be the opportunity to upgrade your membership to Registered/Chartered or Fellow level, via further assessment, which gives added professional credibility.


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