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Teachers & Parents

  • Individual guidance on current marine topics for school/home projects

If you are a teacher, parent or other inspirational adult looking for some ideas to motivate young people at school, at home or in a youth group, check out our pages for primary and secondary schools. If you would like some individually tailored advice, please get in touch and Amy, our Education Officer, shall help you with any inquiries you have. See our section on Whalefish Junior Ambassadors for a summer break competition.


  • Educational talks provided for school and extra-curricular groups

You are an adult who would like to offer your group of young people insight into the marine environment and current conservation issues, you have come to the right place! Get in touch with our Education Officer for information and resources to give your group of budding conservationists the information they need to be well-informed. We can help you to build a presentation suitable for the group and if time and locations are suitable, a Whalefish school visit may be even be possible.


  • Advice on educational field days

Are you hoping to take your kids out of the classroom or on a family daytrip to your local marine environment and the conservation issues connected to it? Check out our pages on outdoor adventures and field days for school pupils or get in touch for site specific advice and inspiration. Getting out of doors and connecting with the marine environment can engage young minds and link classroom theory with practical application.