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  1. DO IT FOR YOURSELF – Studying hard is, well, hard for most of us. You are trying to absorb and retain a lot of information on a whole range of subjects when you are at school. Some people seem to be naturally gifted in certain subject while others find it a real struggle. You will know yourself how much effort you need to put into getting the grades you want to achieve. Let’s put it this way, if you know that you could be working harder, that you have it in you to nail that test but you can’t be bothered right now, don’t let yourself down. Think about this long term, right now you have to work hard to make sure you have the knowledge required for assessment and once it’s all over, you can enjoy the summer holidays to the max, knowing that you have fulfilled your potential… for your own future happiness.

  2. UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND – You will be taught exactly what you need to know in order to pass your assessments but maybe there are somethings which make you think, “but how is that even relevant?”. Fear not, we have all had those thoughts. However, just because you don’t think it seems important doesn’t mean it is so. If in doubt, ask your teacher and if you don’t get a good enough answer, ask another knowledgeable adult and if you still don’t get a good enough answer, ask our Education Officer. There is always a reason for all aspects of your syllabus – and seriously, you will even use Pythagoras’ theorem in your everyday life… at some point. 

  3. CREATE A STUDY PLAN – “Oh no! Not a study plan!”…Yes, a study plan. Would you rather soak up a swimming pool with a sponge in one day or tend to one puddle a day for a month? It’s easier to deal with studying a little at a time. Why make it harder and more stressful for yourself? It sounds boring but in the long run, you will be glad you took paced yourself with a well thought-out study plan.

  4. KNOW YOURSELF AND HOW YOU STUDY BEST – We are all gloriously different in all sorts of ways. My favourite way of remembering things for exams is to record audio notes. In other words, I make a note of what I need to remember and then I read it out loud, recording my words. Then I can take my audio notes with me everywhere I go and play them back to myself over and over again until it’s all stored in my memory. My best friend likes to write out lots of keynotes on brightly coloured neon post-it notes and sticks them all over her bedroom to look at in the morning and evening. Find out what works best for you, think outside of the study box and retain that knowledge!

  5. RE-ENERGISE! – It takes a lot of brain power to concentrate and figure out what’s what. Sure, work hard, but take breaks too! Make sure your break doesn’t turn into a day-long procrastination but give yourself the time you need to return to studying with a refreshed perspective. Eat healthily and regularly, stay hydrated (that brain of yours is about 75% water; not hugely dissimilar to the oceans!), get some fresh air and exercise to pump some oxygen around your body, do something relaxing which gives your mind a break and remember, more kip more skip! Make sure you have a skip in your stride by getting enough sleepy time (about 8 hours) to re-energise your body and mind!


Academic study isn’t the be all and end all but it is really satisfying to know you’ve done your best in anything you do, be it studying, playing sport or being a good friend. Above all else, stay calm and breeeeeathe. Getting stressed out is never helpful, keep cool and focus your energy on what you can achieve today. You can do it!


Top 5 Study Tips