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Some additional information about the workshop:

The Whalefish CPD workshop is carefully designed to imitate a scientific conference and aims to give students the opportunity to experience this setting in a smaller training environment where they can learn the skills and experience the scenarios common in conference settings.

Each student will be invited to give a short presentation on a marine scientific topic of their choice. Presentations should be no more than 10 minutes in length, including feedback and questions. The Whalefish panel will score each presentation and an award will be presented to the winner at the close of the Workshop.

Student presentations will be slotted into the schedule throughout the weekend. It is therefore essential that students prepare their presentation ahead of arrival in Millport. Presentation titles will be requested ahead of the CPD Workshop start date.

Students wishing to attend the Whalefish CPD workshop should provide proof of enrolment in an academic institution at the time of booking to receive a student discounted rate. 

Here's what previous Whalefish CPD participants said​ about their workshop experience:


"I loved hearing about the diversity of experiences and knowledge that the Whalefish team and the other course attendees shared."


"Really enjoyed this course - I have come away with a lot of things to think about and will be looking for lots of opportunities to work with marine mammals and elasmobranchs. My enthusiasm has definitely been rekindled! Thank you so much!"

"The whole event was very useful for giving me ideas about different marine organisations to consider. The whalefish staff were incredibly friendly."

"Thanks again for the great course, I was really blown away by the way you approach scientific communication. You guys are amazing!"

"It gave me motivation to stay in my field of interest. Furthermore I gained new information about how I can improve myself and my CV."


"Really up to date content comparable with university level and professional level. Great for networking and connecting. I particularly enjoyed learning about more voluntary organisations and the real work of professionals in the field."

"I learnt so much new information coming from a non-marine background. All the lectures were interesting and have given me lots of ideas for my masters research."


"Really great, conducted very professionally yet very friendly and helpful with lots of advice. Previously events like this that I have been to have often felt quite 'cold' with the participants not mixing nor the leaders, this was the opposite and really inclusive."